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5 Tips on Passing Your Exams

Exams are always a stressful time, regardless of how old you are. From high school right through to independent courses, exams are imperative in determining an individual’s knowledge, skill, and aptitude in a certain subject.

At Quotient Knowledge, we’ve put together 5 tips on how to work towards passing your exams. Let’s take a look.

1. Establish a Plan

A lot of people who have exams coming up actually don’t form any sort of plan. Instead, they cram in as much studying as possible and essentially hope for the best. However, in order to retain the important pieces of information that will help you pass, it’s imperative to create a revision plan. To help get you started, we’ve come up with the following questions. Have a look and take some time to write down the answers to help you establish a plan.

  • When will I start studying?
  • How many hours each week will I study?
  • Which topics do I need to focus on?
  • How many practice exams will I estimate to do?
  • How many times will I review my notes and my textbook readings a week?
  • What distractions am I likely to face, and how will I overcome them?
  • Should I consider a private tutor in Dubai?

2. Look After Yourself

While it’s highly important to take care of your body and mind throughout the entire academic year, it’s particularly essential to establish a good sleeping plan and eat energizing (brain) food in the run-up to your exams.

Many exams are scheduled for early in the morning which is why you’ll want to feel rested and alert. Also, aim for eight hours of sleep each night. Not only can this help you overall, but getting enough sleep is vital if you want to improve your memory and mental focus.

3. Use Adaptive Learning

When studying, it can often become boring and monotonous having to write, highlight and read everything from paper. Therefore, it’s important to mix it up a little by using the method of adaptive learning.

Adaptive learning is using interactive technology, such as computers, to engage yourself with the subject matter. There are a number of wonderful resources online that can help you improve your study techniques.

4. Test Yourself

You’ll have an incline as to what questions will come up on the test, so use this to your advantage and test yourself. You can find mock questions online, or make them up yourself. Time yourself to see how effectively and quickly you’re able to complete the mock test.

5. Enlist the Help of a Private Tutor in Dubai

Sometimes studying on your own just doesn’t cut it. If you feel like you’re struggling going it alone, consider hiring a private tutor. At Quotient Knowledge, we have a range of experienced and expert tutors who can help you with almost any subject. Simply get in touch to find out about getting help from a private tutor in Dubai.

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