Private studies

Private studies

Private study enables you to complete your school education outside a school. The examinations are the same one you would take if you were in school.

Fast-Track courses concentrate the coursework of a traditional 2 year course into a shorter period of time about 6 to 18 months. The courses are taught at an accelerated pace during this time frame. Our instructors teach students the same material as they do in regular schools. This format can be very convenient for students who wish to complete their program at their own pace.

Why fast track your studies?

  • Cambridge IGCSE examination can be taken in Nov or May and the Edexcel AS/A level exams in Jan or Jun, so you can split the exam in a sitting.
  • Take the exam at you own pace to avoid exam pressure. Score higher grades!
  • If, you have learning and concentration problems in a large class room group, you will be comfortable in smaller, individualized class.
  • Convenient timing 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Regular homework and assignments, weekly quizzes and tests, monthly examinations with progress report.
  • Experienced subject specialized teachers to handle the subject and the syllabus.
  • A large number of students are opting for private studies, it’s like home schooling.

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