Tutoring Center dubai

Tutoring Center dubai

Your children perform well in school throughout the semester. They know the subject matter and are proficient in most areas. Even so, there are some students who know all of the answers, but fail to turn them into results when it comes to examination.

Regardless of how well a student performs throughout the semester, the examination is where the learning needs to be consolidated and displayed. If students can’t do this, they will fall behind their peers. The reality is that these times are highly competitive. From university entry to employment, it is the high achievers who will take the choice positions.

Prepare your children by providing them a world class education, with the help of Knowledge Quotient and our dedicated Tutoring Centre in Dubai.

A Unique Approach for Every Student

Not every student is the same. They all experience unique shortfalls when it comes to education, just as they all have their own strengths. Our tutors in Dubai will assess your child to identify where they need to focus the most. By balancing the priority of learning, our programs are able to fill in the knowledge gaps and give your child the confidence that is necessary to apply their knowledge when it matters most.

Packages can be tailored for your needs, including hourly, monthly, and yearly tutoring packages. The duration and frequency of tutoring will depend on your child’s current academic performance, and the number of subjects in which they require tutoring.

International Standards

Catering to international standards is what makes us stand out from the competition. Our courses will accommodate syllabuses ranging from American and British, to International Baccalaureate, with many more in between. Subjects include English and Mathematics, as well as Business, Accounts, Economics, Further Math and Statistics, and Sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Trusted by Students and Parents across Dubai

We have helped students to develop and excel. Our current and former students have come from institutions such as Dubai College, Dubai International Academy, St Mary’s School, Cambridge International School, and countless other top tier schools.

Give your child the best start in life by providing them the best possible education. With the support of the Knowledge Quotient tutoring centre, Dubai learners will find there is no academic hurdle that is insurmountable.

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