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About Us

Our Mission

To facilitate academic success of our students through creating customized, innovative and flexible learning opportunities for students of all ages, learning abilities and aspirations resulting in competitiveness and resilience in an increasingly global society.

Our Core Values

Accountability: All our decisions are driven by data and grounded in the best interest of our students.
Integrity: We value hardwork, honesty and high academic standards.
Responsive: We recognize and seize every opportunity to be innovative and tailor the learning experience to fit each student's unique learning needs and goals.
Student Success: All of our efforts and values are focused on ensuring our students' success ultimately.

About Knowledge Quotient

Established in 1988 by Mrs. Anita Ajmiri and late Mr. Habib Ajmiri, our flagship CORDOBA INSTITUTE has laid the foundation of providing quality support educational services to the student community of Dubai. Under the academic guidance of CORDOBA INSTITUTE, a team of experienced teachers established Knowledge Quotient FZ LLC in Knowledge Park in 2008 to meet the growing demand of students.

Guided by the principle of "Academic Excellence for All", our teachers instruct students with empowering and persuasive methodologies to improve their grades.

Our classrooms are well-structured to provide INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION to each student, resulting in every student satisfactorily meeting his/her distinct requirements. The academic proficiency of students is thus enhanced. Adopting various teaching methodologies catering to every student's capabilities, within a receptive and fulfilling environment, empowers students to achieve their target grades.

Our multinational team of qualified teachers, friendly classrooms, meticulous counseling and constant assistance to students with regard to exam preparations and skills, boost students' confidence and empowers them with the knowledge needed for success.

Our Team


Anita Ajmiri

Armed with an MBA and rich certifications in secondary and post secondary education, Anita has served as a founding director of Cordoba Institute and Knowledge Quotient. In addition to being our program manager, she is actively involved in curriculum development and imparting training programs with a view to making learning accessible to students of all abilities.


Ananth Isaiah

He has a masters qualification in chemistry and a 30+ years of experience in teaching and managing educational institutions. Besides that, he has an innate ability to motivate students and high level of organizational skills to rightly guide the institute forward on its path of development.


Kashmira Kotwal

As a qualified chartered accountant and having worked as management accountant, company secretary, auditor and a faculty at University of London(external) affiliate, Dubai, she has the expertise and a refreshing approach to teaching students not only to write an exam but also to develop an interest in the subject. Through her unique (specialized) teaching methods of accounting, finance & business, students develop a passion for the subject and build confidence within their capabilities.


Rina Mohiuddin

A graduate in Business Management and having worked in Hongkong and Canada, she is an entrepreneur with special interest in educational services, given its social dividends. As one of our founding directors, her management skills help the institute to focus on its academic services and attain the goal of "Knowledge is Power".



Graduate and Masters joint degree in Mathematics and Physics
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

Prasad has accumulated 25 years experience of teaching students. A firm believer in "Mathematics is a part of everyday life", students soon learn to enjoy the taught subjects. Additionally, Prasad introduces easy to understand practical applications in relation to the study of physics accompanied with rich insights gained from his travels.



Masters degree & M.phil qualification in Biology and Zoology
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

Rabiya's expertise extends to subjects including Geography and Environmental Management besides Biology. A young enthusiastic teacher, Rabiya succeeds in maintaining high levels of energetic study in her class, motivating students to maintain their level of academic focus.



Graduate in Chemistry and Physics
Master's degree in Chemistry
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

Smitha has been teaching since 12 years to students of different curricula. Guiding students in an exciting environment, she maintains students' interest and focus. Smitha's patience and a very friendly and supportive yet firm approach, results in students becoming more confident and capable.


Master's qualification in English
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

With certifications in TESOL (London), TOEFL (USA), IELTS, TOEFL iBT (USA), and an extensive experience of 20+ years, Sunita tutors for 'O', AS and A-levels in addition to SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, and Business & General communication. Conducting interactive classes, students acquire interest in literature, while developing essential language skills with great emphasis on reading and writing skills.



Graduate in Psychology
Master's qualification in Sociology
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

Tasneim has an acquired skill of motivating students to be goal-oriented. Young and energetic, she guides students to question and rationally understand the social and cultural environment and their experiences. In this process, she succeeds in bringing added value, beyond textbooks to students' knowledge and exam results.



Graduate & Master's qualification in Mathematics
Teacher training qualification B.Ed

Teaching since eight years, Tayabba has succeeded in teaching mathematics as a "Game of Numbers" rather than an arduous subject. Certifications in mathematic software skills, enables her to teach the subject with practical applications.