Combating Coronavirus

Recognised online institutes and home-schooling providers are registering an upswing as many U.A.E parents seek professional alternatives in the age of distance learning. It appears that the home school population is continuing to grow as schools have shuttered their physical campuses to curb the spread of Covid-19. While institutes have moved their courses to remote and online formats, the reasonable fees of other online resources are increasingly drawing parents' interest. Providers feel the traction is long-term Providing professional student-centric online classes, other home school providers reiterate that online schooling due to Covid-19 is opening future avenues. Ananth Isaiah, founder and director of Knowledge Quotient, said: "Homeschooling may now become a thing of the future, especially if distance learning continues into the new session." He added: "Parents have started asking why should they pay large tuition fees for an in-person experience that their children are not receiving? If students are learning online anyway, why not opt for a provider that has strong experience with online learning and can offer it more affordably."

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