What parents need to know about the upcoming school session in the UAE

Dubai: Over the past few weeks, education authorities in the UAE have announced plans for the upcoming school semester, where students are expected to return school campuses. However, they have also put in place several precautionary measures against COVID-19, to ensure public health and safety.

Here is all you need to know about the announcements made so far.

Abu Dhabi schools

Abu Dhabi schools have been given the choice to opt from five reopening models to balance between in-class learning and online learning:

  1. Full day face-to-face
  2. Half-day face-to-face
  3. Alternating day
  4. Alternating week
  5. A blended hybrid model

Dubai schools

Dubai students, too, can expect a return to school campuses at the start of the next semester. Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), however, has allowed schools to offer 100 percent online learning to parents who request for it, as a ‘temporary measure’.

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