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This Summer, play it cool at our fun-filled Learning Experience Camp!

It’s learning time, which simply means it’s fun time too! A Summer Camp helps children stay away from technology and get engaged in the real world with other children - face-to-face. Furthermore, it encourages children to participate in various activities and indulge themselves in new adventures.

Age Groups (only 5 Students per Group)



4th July - 31st August

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Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Debating

Our English classes allow your child to brush up and acquire deeper skills on the English language. After all, when children can better speak and write the world’s global language with confidence, they are equipped for anything.

Creative Writing - Ignite your child's creativity and make their writing come to life by making them write about things and places they've never experienced, exclusively through our Creative Writing sessions.

Public Speaking-By inculcating the art of delivery, timing, and intonation, our Public Speaking sessions are designed to break down the barriers of speaking in front of others.

Debating - “Should schools mandate uniforms?” Well, let your child be the judge of that! Let them master the art of verbal combat at our Debating sessions that will provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn and practice debate.


Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution. Because Math is exciting, Math is thought-provoking, and Math is all about problem solving. And we emphasize on a simple truth: the only way to learn math, is to do math!! Join us to learn why Math is fun.

Grasp fundamental concepts effortlessly

Apply math to solve everyday problems

Harness the power of math to crack tough puzzles

Coding / Robotics (in collaboration with a Coding Academy)

We focus on introducing your child to different programming languages and teaching them coding skills that will help them explore, experience and evolve as they build projects - from Scratch games to web applications.We will also give them an opportunity to deep dive into the world of robotics by enabling them to build and engineer robots while learning the basics of AI and Machine Learning.

Real-world programming languages on a custom-built coding platform

Take home a robot that they have built all by themselves

Carving an early gateway into computing and robotic engineering careers


The miracles of science are truly endless. Give your child the opportunity to become a junior scientist for the summer and embark on a series of science adventures like no other!

Learn the principles of flight by making a kite, and vice-versa

Put your five senses to test with the power of Science

Assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs

Fitness (in collaboration with a Football Academy)

The best of fitness and football from the best of experts. Well, how does that sound to you? With a team of highly qualified coaches from a renowned Football Academy and vastly experienced former professional footballers, we will give your child only the best withstate-of-the-art football training equipment to play better.

Physical, mental and technical training to improve your child’s movement and agility through the warm-up

Get trained in all essential aspects like dribbling and shooting

Enable effective coordination throughout the game

Art (Online)

If your child is passionate about art and is looking to gain new skills and meeting fellow aspiring artists, look no further! They will love learning all about the basics of art and getting their hands dirty in our super-fun, simple art camp with instructors guiding them at every single step - from start to art.

Get trained in drawing, painting, pottery, and abstract art

Make out-of-the world eco-friendly crafts using recycled materials